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Rest in Peace takes care of deceased persons who need special care. Our services range from restoring damaged or discolored skin, to styling and cosmetic treatment. All steps in our work are carried out with the highest respect, care and discretion in relation to the deceased and his/her family. The services provided are relevant in particular in the following situations:

To enable a dignified farewell

In cases when the deceased has injuries that need to be repaired so that relatives can take a dignified farewell. The injuries may have occurred through various types of accidents ranging from drowning to car-crashes, suicide, murder or assault. The damage may also have arisen through the body’s natural decomposition process that starts at the moment of death.

Rest in Peace AB takes care of a deceased by first thoroughly cleaning them, then repairing visible damage (especially to the face and hands), restoring facial features and skin color. Dressing and personalizing the setting in the casket that relatives have selected is also handled. Hair styling and makeup are carried out on request. 

Saying a proper farewell to a loved one who has died significantly aids in the mourning process. Seeing the one you love and saying goodbye helps relatives in the difficult transition to their continued life without the one who has died. An inadequate or missed farewell can cause further emotional stress for family/friends who are already in mourning. In the worst case, a missed farewell can contribute to unprocessed grief. 

Funeral ceremonies with open casket

Sometimes, during the funeral ceremony, the deceased is presented in an open casket. This allows you and others who loved the person who has died to acknowledge the reality of the death and to have the privilege of taking a proper farewell.

When the casket is to be open (in whole or in part) during the funeral ceremony, it is customary for the deceased to be given special preparation and for the aesthetics of the presentation of the body in the casket to be taken into account. This is both to show respect for the deceased and for those who are to attend the ceremony.

Rest in Peace takes care of the deceased by first thoroughly cleaning them, restoring facial features and skin color, dressing and placing the body in the coffin that family/friends have selected. Hair styling and makeup are carried out on request. Suitable bedding can be chosen for and in cases of damage (especially to the face and hands) Rest in Peace restores these.

Special preferences

For various reasons, the person who died may have wished to receive some form of special care after death. Maybe he wanted to have his beard trimmed and his hair washed one last time. Maybe she wanted to have her nails painted, her hair curled and her favorite makeup applied before the funeral. Maybe the one who died wanted to have the last rest in a casket with silk bedding.

Regardless of whether it is the deceased himself who has had wishes about the aesthetics after death or whether it is the relatives who believe that more qualitative care is important, Rest in Peace can fulfill those wishes.


Rest in Peace only charges per hour worked. Accordingly, the total cost depends on which services that are desired and how long these take to complete. If you want to use any of the Rest in Peace services, please notify the funeral home that you have selected.

Rest in Peace always presents a proposal including a price estimate for you to decide on before the work begins. The proposal is submitted through the funeral home and the cost is added to the final invoice that the funeral home submits to the estate or to you.