Oslo Conference February 2007


The Oslo Conference on Cluster Munitions was held 22-23. February 2007. It culminated in the Oslo Declaration, which was adopted by 46 States.The Oslo Declaration committed the States to seek the completion of an international treaty by the end of 2008 that would “prohibit the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions that cause unacceptable harm to civilians” and “establish a framework for cooperation and assistance that ensures adequate provision of care and rehabilitation to survivors and their communities, clearance of contaminated areas, risk education and destruction of stockpiles of prohibited cluster munitions.”


Final list of participants
Background paper



Speeches and Statements


Opening statement by H.E. Jonas Gahr Støre, Foreign Minister of Norway

Statement by Norway

Chair’s summary by Norway

“Elements of a Treaty” by Gro Nystuen, University of Oslo

Statement by Handicap International

Presentation by Norwegian People’s Aid

Statement by Peru

Statement by UNIDIR

Statement by Sweden

Statement by Austria

Statement by Germany

Statement by UNDP

Statement by Ireland

Statement by Serbia

Statement by the ICRC

Statement by Bosnia and Herzegovina

Statement by Lebanon

Statement by Switzerland

Statement by the Netherlands

Statement by the Cluster Munitions Coalition

Statement by Italy

Statement by Ambassador Wolfgang Petritsch, Austria